I’m Slipping Back

I’m still chewing. I was doing better for a while, I went on a family vacation and I couldn’t chew and it was amazing.  I actually lost weight even though I exercised less and ate ice cream every day bc my body wasn’t under constant stress and there was no insulin over load..but I’m slipping back into my old habits, relapsing, whatever you want to call it.

It started just one thing, I would have an unbearable craving, but one handful of chocolate, one spit and I was ok.  This week, it’s been chews every morning, chocolate and cookies just a few and then “normal” eating the rest of the day, but I’m starting to see the effects, my body looks inflamed and I’m up a few pounds.  Today was worse, I did my morning chew, ate a normal lunch and then just went right to it, chocolate, cookies, I feel guilty and fat.

I know it’s bad for me, I know it’s not helping my weight loss goals but I just keep falling back.  I’m embarrassed, I feel weak, I want to cry knowing tomorrow the scale will read heavier and my husband will be so confused bc I’ve been “so good” on my diet all week.  Only I know the truth…well me, and you.