I Think I’m an Addict

I’m chewing….daily.  I’m really struggling. I literally broke down crying tonight when I had to figure out what to have for dinner and my poor husband Is so confused why. He knows I’m struggling with eating healthy, but as far as he sees, I’m doing fine. Little does he know the minute he turns his back the chocolates are being shoved in my mouth by the handful.

I’ve changed my habit a bit, I was afraid I was getting too many calories so I figured out if you swish water in your mouth and then spit, it helps “get everything “. I’ve been sticking to chocolate bc if you use warmer water to swish it clears out my teeth and all.

I’m an addict. I’m addicted to chewing. Chewing is what I turn to in every situation. If I’m bored, stressed, if I feel like “giving” myself something. I don’t know how to stop, I feel powerless against this, and to be honest, deep down, I don’t even care about stopping right now.

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